Sarah Herron




Are you looking to amplify story-telling or group-lead sessions at your next retreat or workshop? I would love to help facilitate your experience. I have been hosting life-changing experiential excursions and sharing my story at events around the world for over 6 years. By sharing my experience and tools for cultivating confidence, I’ve been able to help women reach for their once unimaginable.

I want to help you turn your next event into an empowering experience rooted in connection, sharing and personal development.



Speaking & Hosting Events

Being able to share my story and speak my truth has allowed me to help women radically improve their sense of self. I am a firm believer that teaching starts with vulnerability and my goal is to change the way women tell their story. I am passionate about sharing my thoughts and practices on cultivating confidence and living authentically. I love speaking, participating on, and moderating panels discussing topics such as: creativity, entrepreneurship, wellness, adventure, self-love.



Group Facilitation

There is nothing I love more than getting personal with a group of women. I believe that getting out of our comfort zones is the only way to grow. I want to help women overcome their obstacles – emotionally and physically. My method of facilitation incorporates group-lead discussions, exercises and adventure-based elements. I am a kind, relatable and approachable facilitator. Group work should be a safe, inviting environment and I help create that for women who are new and seasoned to coaching.



Brand Collaborations

I love partnering with like-minded brands that stand for empowering women to discover adventure and live an authentic life. If you think we'd be a match made in heaven, let's collaborate! I specialize in content creation, blogging, speaking and hosting events.


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